The need for microservices is growing rapidly as organizations strive to create and manage highly scalable, efficient applications. Microservices are an essential tool in achieving these goals, as they allow businesses to break up their applications into smaller, more manageable components that can be developed and deployed independently. With microservices, businesses can achieve faster time-to-market, better scalability, and more reliable services. Additionally, when deployed properly, microservices can provide increased security and reliability at the same time. As such, organizations are increasingly turning to microservices for their application development needs. Terraform is an excellent tool for automating the creation of these services using the serverless framework in AWS called Lambda functions. By using Terraform to configure Lambda, companies can enjoy the benefits of microservices with ease and efficiency.

In this lab, we will build an API using a serverless Lambda function with an API Gateway. All this will be built with Terraform.


The following is required to follow along:

  • Terraform or use GitHub's Codespaces or Gitpod as your development environment. The code repo is equipped with it.
  • An AWS account or if you're subscribed to the TeKanAid Academy Subscription you get your own AWS account on demand.

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